Cybersecurity strategies to serve business goals

With threats growing in number and becoming more sophisticated, are you looking to ensure your company’s resiliency? Has finding the right balance between protecting your company and limiting time-to-market become critical?

Our Cybersecurity Consulting team assists CISOs, IT Department, business unit heads, and senior management at all stages of their information system’s security cycle: diagnosing its level of maturity, defining and implementing cybersecurity strategies, and continually improving structures and processes.

Cybersecurity Diagnostics

  • Organizational audit (ISO 27002, medical records hosting, GDPR)
  • Breach & Security Automation
  • Technical audits (architecture, configuration, pentesting)
  • Phishing campaigns
  • Risk analysis
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Integrating security best practices (ANSSI, NIST, etc.)

Cybersecurity Strategy

  • Governance and general cybersecurity policy
  • Training and awareness campaign
  • Cyber-resiliency structures and processes
  • Integrating cybersecurity into business processes
  • Defining an annual strategic security plan
  • Continual improvement approach

Implementation & improvement

  • Operationally assisting in the implementation of structures, processes, or technology solutions
  • Integrating Cybersecurity into project management
  • Assisting ISDs and CISOs
  • Performance monitoring, controls and checks
  • Technology consulting: integrating security specifications when choosing solutions

Why trust Cyblex Technologies
with your cybersecurity challenges?

Operational experience

With lengthy field experience in SOC operations, our cybersecurity consulting team shares a wealth of knowledge gained in sensitive environments and in IT Department of various sizes. This gives their recommendations the weight of pragmatic wisdom.

An innovation culture

Cyblex Technologies’s R&D Laboratory supplements our Cybersecurity Consulting methods with innovative tools. It is currently researching artificial intelligence in Cybersecurity and the operational efficiency of threats detection solutions.

Focus on business challenges

Our consulting team uses cybersecurity strategy to solve business challenges.  In order to build a security control, shared vision of risks and impacts, our consultants encourage business units to engage with the ISD at all stages from strategizing to implementation.

A diverse range of industries

Our Cybersecurity consultants rely on their individual experience in a wide variety of industries: Banking & insurance, health care, telecom, food processing, aerospace, energy, government services, and more.

The Cyblex Technologies Lab

The Cyblex Technologies Lab is the home of our cybersecurity Research & Development activities. It includes engineers, designers, data scientists, and dedicated developers. Together, they create more effective solutions to simplify the detection of suspicious connections and threats in the corporate environment in real time.

Cyblex Technologies works toward a consistent, convergent use of cybersecurity solutions and new technologies, particularly artificial intelligence.
In all of its initiatives, Cyblex Technologies partners with organizations like CEA Tech Occitanie, Cybersecurity for Europe and OcSSImore.